Monday, 6 July 2015

Grexit? Flex It!


Has any female bodybuilder turned up to their first show looking this huge? wondered Real Female Bodybuilding after Vaso Dimitraki made her 2013 contest debut.

By the time of that report, Vaso's massive physique had already come to the attention of fans as a result of her exploits as a powerlifter - competing against men!

And for the first (and probably only) time this week I can actually report what one of the women really does think about the current crisis, courtesy of Vaso on her Facebook pageΕίναι η ευκαιρία μας αντισταθείτε ας πούμε επιτέλους αυτό το γαμημένο ΟΧΙ. Translation: It's our chance to resist, finally say that fucking NO.

Decide if you would argue with that as you watch Vaso performing on stage in Athems in 2013. Find more clips on her YouTube page - and you might also want to check her out on Greek TV (from last year). If your Greek isn't up to much - and I'm not saying mine is, but I can understand a bit - I can tell you one of the things she talks about is an abusive ex-boyfriend who she ultimately had to sort out...

Quick word about the name. She is often Basia or, more commonly, Basw. In Greek, it's Βάσω, which, according to convention, should be transliterated as "Vaso". And that's also how you would pronounce her name, so that's what I plumped for.


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  1. Basw is incredible focused and beautiful Woman. The successful building of Her muscular body is absolute impressive. She never loses Her open minded kindness! Thanks for sharing!