Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Erin Twiggs Hutchinson

NPC Team Universe
Women's Physique Class D & Overall

This year on FMS we seem to be particularly enjoying former Figure competitors who have packed on the muscle and moved into the Physique division, and here is another. Erin Twiggs Hutchinson was still competing in Figure this time last year, finishing 6th in her class at both the NPC Jr. Nationals and the NPC USAs. 2015, however, has seen her reborn in Physique, and the extra muscle has paid off handsomely. In only her second WPD show she won class and overall titles and her pro card. It's been a long journey, she said after her triumph. Well, I guess not super long...
Erin the Figure competitor, NPC Jr Nationals, 2013 (left) and 2014

In fact, she only started training at all in 2011.

My husband posted my transformation yesterday and as embarrassing as it is I wanted to share it. This is where I started my journey into bodybuilding and lifting where I found a true passion and love for the sport almost 4 years ago. The middle is a couple weeks out of my first Figure competition in 2013, and the last is where I earned that coveted IFBB pro card at the Team Universe in WPD 3 weeks ago.

Erin hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, home of the mighty Aleesha - allegedly they are "pals", though this is probably just a forum rumour - where she studied fashion. This led her into partnership at the Utah Suit Exchange. No, not pin stripes - posing suits!

You can understand her husband's eagerness to share her transformation with the world. "Embarrassed" by that she may be, but at the beginning of July on stage in New Jersey at the Team Universe, Erin not only looked amazing, but she also looked like she felt amazing too. I'm always saying that I've got no eye for judging, but I think I'm getting better at judging when a lady is having a ball on the stage, and it seems to me that Erin is having the time of her life as an all-flexing Physique goddess. Just relaxing for a few more hours until stage time! she told her Instagram followers as she posted the pic above before the show. Cannot wait to be up there.

And when she was up there, she looked like she never wanted to come down.

Check out her excitement in this post-win interview.

We look forward to seeing Erin growing into the pro ranks. If her progress until now is any guide, she'll be taking that New York Pro by storm next year! And you can watch Erin's further transformation on Facebook as well as on her Instagram.


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