Sunday, 19 July 2015

Hot and Hard: NG!!!

Having earned her pro card by winning her class at last year's NPC Nationals, Hot and Hard 100 #33 Tina Nguyen recently made her pro debut at the Europa in Dallas. In a field of 20 women, she finished runner-up, beaten only byAndrea Calhoun - an Olympia contestant from last year and a woman competing in her 11th pro event.

And Tina's 265,000+ Instagram followers (very much including myself) were able to follow her every step of the way in her meticulous preparations. For example, this from Tina on June 4th, along with the picture above: Practiced posing earlier today after tanning with my royal oil! I always tan the last few weeks of the prep just to get a little base color before getting spray-tanned for the show. You can focus on your competitions OR you can focus on yourself and be your best. Leave no room for errors. I wanna bring a feminine [package], curves, and be as conditioned as possible. Let's see how these last two weeks of prep will b!!! How exciting!!!

Yes, she does like to wax lyrical does Tina. As we saw just now, she talks tan. And she talks glutes, hams, quads. She talks tops, cheat meals, photo shoots. And she talks lunchboxes... If you happen to work full-time or are in school and want to keep up with your meals , make sure to carry a food bag with you EVERYWHERE you go! [It's] The only way to keep up with your diet conveniently. I work during the day so most of my meals are prepped and ready to go every day, including in the off season.

And whatever she's talking about, her thousands of female admirers seem to lap it all up and shower her with compliments. I think everyone needs someone that inspires them, someone they can look up to, says Tina fan "jennaguirre7877". I'm extremely inspired. Your physique is incredible. Can't wait to have quads like yours. Keep killin it and thanks. Tina seems truly to be one of those women they call "fitspirational".

And it's not just women you've never heard of who heap the praise on Tina. No lesser light than our own Hot and Hard 100 #26, Valerie Garcia Giovanoli, is (perhaps a little bit more than) inspired by the Nguyen magic. #WomanCrushWednesday goes to my favorite physique EVER, totally serious... @tinang13, writes Valerie. This girl's body is insane and she's gorgeous as well. I always strive to be the best ME possible, and never want for what anyone else has... But I ain't gonna lie, she's the one person I would happily trade bodies with in a heart beat!!! Keep doin' your thang grrl!

Now the thing is though, and please, forgive me if you feel I am being disrespectful and all, but as a dude, as a red-blooded dude of the female muscle admiring variety, I mean, I read the stuff she writes and all, and yes, in a sense I really do genuinely admire her, an immigrant to her adopted country making such a splash in her industry etc. etc. But then I also, let's say "admire" her in a way that is, well, somewhat more male and generally ends with me swooning all over the place and making a noise that coincidentally sounds a lot like the first two letters of Tina's surname - NG!!!

As mentioned above, given that Tina was your Hot and Hard 100 #33, I know I am not alone on this one, In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if after Tina posts a particularly saucy pic (although she could probably post a pic of herself in sack cloth and it would have the same effect) around 2pm her time, then by the time she goes to bed, that NG! sound has been travelling around the world continuously from Australia and Asia to Europe, down across Africa and across the ocean to the Americas - and I don't doubt there would have been the odd NG! in Antarctic research stations as well.

I mean, some of those pictures she posts really should have health warnings attached - CAUTION! MAY CAUSE REPEATED AND EXCESSIVE... She must know, right? For every "you're my inspiration" comment from her female fans, there are three from male NGers. They might not be as crude as my own thoughts - many are invitations for Tina to visit them, many consist of a single word: "sexy", some are just downright weird. But Tina never ever acknowledges this aspect of her own appeal, preferring instead to give out a more empowering message (to the girls, naturally): Don't worry about gaining some muscles ladies, she says, for example. You'll thank yourself later.

You can extrapolate what you will from this. I'm afraid if you are looking for some insight I'm going to have to leave you hanging because the only conclusion I'm coming to today will be accompanied by my own contribution to today's global NG! journey.


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