Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hot and Hard: MN!!!

When a Bodybuilder moves down to Physique then generally speaking most of us female muscle heads feel a tad disappointed, but in the case of Miava Nelson - last seen on FMS winning her pro card at last year's NPC Nationals - that ain't necessarily so. She was, after all, a light-heavyweight bodybuilder as an amateur. Physique fits me well because I do not need to add any more size to my frame, she points out.

Miava made her pro debut in New York in May but finished way down in the placings, but then in Chicago at the beginning of this month she fared considerably better and the judges gave her highly-conditioned and very muscle sexy package 10th place, much to her delight. Top 10? I'll take it. Yeah!!!! she told her Instagram followers.

And the even better news is that she announced recently that we'll get to drool over Miava's glootacular back double biceps, and her wondrous abs and thigh once more this year in her hometown of Atlantic City at the end of August. Yeah!!!!

But better than that, and what really makes me go MN! about Miava, is that when she's looking good, she's feeling good. That confidence tho, she wrote about the picture below after Chicago, Sorry not sorry, I look damn good! I'm so sexy it hurts.

And she's "not cocky" as she puts it, and certainly not wrong about looking head to toe the confident sexy muscular athlete that she is. And what's more you wouldn't believe her age if I told you so I won't. And I really do know. And I can still hardly believe it.

It may be that Miava's own fat to fit journey has something to do with how she, unlike say Tina Nguyen, is so excitingly candid about feeling so damn muscle sexy "it hurts". I don't know how long ago the before portion of her transformation photo was taken, but I do know it was in on a whole different planet of sexiness.

[I'm] always somewhere gettin' my sexy on, says Miava. And that's undeniable. But I reckon she's not always "gettin' it on" like she gets it on in top shape, when she feels "so sexy it hurts". MN! I'm really looking forward to the Atlantic City Pro.

And here's Miava radiating "that confidence" in her Fit Vids preview.



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  1. She is amazing indeed! Her posts on facebook are always a pleasure to see...
    So damn sexy...