Friday, 10 July 2015

Grexit? Flex It!


Our final Greek goddess of the week was, to me anyway, a surprising omission from FMS' Hot and Hard 100 for 2015. Still just 29, already an IFBB Physique pro, and the recently-crowned Mediterranean Physique champion, it's the absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Cretan Queen of Female Muscle, Anastasia Papoutsaki.
At last year's Olympia Amateur in Prague, where she finished 3rd

Anastasia (her name alone is worth a mini-swoon) is, you may recall from FMS passim, a former international 400m hurdler who was forced to retire due to injury. The success she has had in the two or so years since bears out the femuscle-headed theory that athletes, particularly sprint athletes, would all make great bodybuilders.

Anastasia says*: Crisis? What crisis? It's leg day!

Follow the very beautiful Anastasia's further adventures - her next contest will be the Arnold Classic Europe in September - on Facebook and Instagram.


*Probably not a million miles away from what she really thinks about it all, but nevertheless, the FMS legal department insist I add this disclaimer:
Anastasia had nothing to do with this post and these are not her words.

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