Friday, 24 July 2015

Hot and Hard: Truly, Disgustingly Peeled

World-class powerlifter and UKBFF Physique competitor Corinne Ingman is currently preparing for the Scottish Grand Prix at the end of August.

A week into dieting and shifting out of powerlifting mode...

Sunday morning post HIIT bum pump pic :) Been trying to improve my sweep and hip development, heavy squats have definitely been the main exercise in my pursuit.

We've seen Corinne on FMS before, when we noted - with delight - her penchant for dropping her trousers and giving those former gymnast and kickboxer legs and glutes a good airing. Thankfully, it's a habit she hasn't lost. And it's gained her all sorts of admirers from all over the world on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Off season leggies, still plenty of time to improve. Still want that hamstring drop.

OFF season?!

Yes, I know I need a tan... but I have 6 weeks and 6 days to get one!

While others might struggle to gain the kind of conditioning necessary to compete and win at national level, Corinne almost seems to have the opposite problem. She was an incredible NINE weeks out when she dropped 'em for the pic below last year.

My body changed a lot last year, she noted more recently. When striving for max condition I lost thickness and aesthetics. This was the best balance I achieved in hindsight. So am hoping to bring an improved version of this balance for 2015.

Corinne: Quick trouser drop pic the toilets!

Fan: Those jeans don't look they are capable of coming up again!

Corinne: Size 10 I'll have u know, and fit like a glove!

Corinne finished 4th the last time there was a Women's Bodybuilding class at the UKBFF British Championships in 2013. Last year she was runner-up at the NABBA Britain finals (Trained Figure, ie. Physique). And she's in a hurry now. After the Scottish Grand Prix, it will be the IFBB Worlds in November. The stepping stones to her ultimate aim. My goal is to attain IFBB professional status this year, she says.

Pet hate. I get irrationally annoyed by the inappropriate use of phrases such as (but not exclusive to) 'shredded' and 'shredz', especially when someone is describing themselves... Unless of course you are truly, disgustingly peeled.

True 100% or nothing ends up looking like something that resembles a walnut.

A peeled walnut?


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