Friday, 31 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Sarah Mura

NABBA North-west & NABBA Britain
Trained Figure

Ria Ward, Linda Gartside, Jackie Hague, Lisa Cross... and we can now add the name of Sarah Mura, NABBA Britain Trained Figure (ie. Physique) champion for 2015, to the list of female bodybuilders that suggest that when it comes to producing quality female muscle in Britain, the north-west of England is where it's at.

Sarah may seem to have come from nowhere to take the British title this year, but actually she's from Wigan, and has been around competing since 2010, when she was the NABBA North-west Toned Figure champion (ahead of a certain Ria Ward, who finished 3rd). I've never been as scared in all my life, she says of that first show.

2015 has seen her move up to compete in the Trained Figure class for the first time, and five years after that first show, she now has her second North-west title, which she won in May, as well as the British title. Brand new class, brand new Physique, tits have been done... I think now I'm in the best condition I've ever been in, she says.

Now if the above quote makes you suspect Sarah has a cheekier, racier, naughtier side than most, I would reckon you are spot on. I don't know her, more's the pity, but she is, for one thing, sponsored by the same supplements company as Lisa Cross, and if some of the posts on her Instagram ("sarahsynthol") are anything to go by, she has a similar outlook on muscle and sex as Britain's naughtiest IFBB pro.

And the fact that Sarah seems to feel most comfortable in a posing suit that - even in the thongtastic world of NABBA - leaves next to nothing to the imagination in the glootz department is perhaps another sign of her in-your-face muscle sexiness. It certainly ensures the judges ain't going to miss what she's built there, and on top of that it makes her an early front runner for the FMS Rear of the Year.

You can come to your own conclusions about Sarah by following her on that Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter. And you might also like to watch an interview with her from May this year when she was preparing for the NABBA North-west. The interview contains footage of her first competition as well as Sarah pumping up and posing in the gym, and foreign readers can certainly test out their comprehension (or not!) of a proper undiluted Wigan accent at the same time!

And perhaps it'll be the NABBA Universe next for our new British champ...

Congratulations to Sarah and to all our champions this week.

FMS is going to take a little breather but we'll be back a week tomorrow with our 999th and 1,000th(!!!) posts, and naturally we have something very very special (yes, even more special than Sarah's glorious bum) lined up to mark the occasion.

See you soon. Enjoy!

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