Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Champion of the Day: Adriana Bernal

2017 Olympia Amateur South America
Physique up to 163cm & Overall, and Masters Physique

In recent years, the IFBB have been swelling the international contingent of their pro ranks via Olympia Amateur and Diamond Cup events across the world. Now we could spend time lamenting how great this would have been in the days when the IFBB still had a Women's Bodybuilding class, or even speculating who might be winning these shows if that class still existed, but this is not the day (or indeed the week) for that.


Instead, let's focus on a champion. A champion from the Olympia Amateur South America, which took place in Medellin, Colombia in mid-February. The big winner from the Women's Physique Division was Colombia's own Adriana Bernal.


Now when I say "big winner", I mean it. Adriana won every gold medal she could have. Class and Overall in Open Physique, plus the trophy as the best Physique Master. And the cherry on top of all that cream was the IFBB pro card that came with her wins.

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Now I'm sorry to say that I don't know a hell of a lot about Adriana, but I know I like a woman who posts images of herself looking down at her freaky, sweaty, pre-contest abs to Instagram and captions them with a single word - "Happiness". And I also know that if you click here, you'll see a montage of Adriana's progress for the years 2003-2014 that certainly left me in no doubt that pro card went to a very deserving woman.


You can watch Adriana at the 2015 South American Championships (far right as you begin, blue posing suit) and an interview with her at (I think) last year's Colombian Nationals to bring the progress montage right up to date, and you might also like to follow her on Instagram for a little extra of those freaky, sweaty abs, and more.

Felicitaciones Adriana!

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