Sunday, 16 April 2017

Champion of the Day: Shanique Grant

2017 IFBB Karina Nascimento Classic Physique Champion

The fact that she proclaims herself to be "The Future" and/or "The Real Fitness Beauty" suggests (to me at least) that Shanique Grant may not be the most modest of people.

Having said that though, there isn't much that she's got to be modest about.

A Figure pro at the age of 19, her first year and a bit competing as such now look positively downbeat compared to the rest of her career, even though she never failed to finish outside the top 6. Judging feedback suggested she move up a division, and when she did, at the New York Pro last year, she triumphed at her first Physique attempt. Then, just weeks before her Olympia debut, she was the victim of an attempted mugging. The knife wounds kept her sticking to her prep, and she decided if she wasn't going to be at her absolute best, the Olympia would just have to wait.

Now, in 2017, for her second Physique show she chose the recent Karina Nascimento Pro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And yes, you guessed it - another win for Shanique.

So, to recap. Thus far only two things have delayed Shanique's seemingly inevuitable rise to the top of the female muscle world: a) having "too much muscle", and b) a mad, knife-wielding maniac. Reason enough for her apparent lack of modesty. But then there's the incredible genetics, which, allied to all her hard work, have blessed her with such a uniquely proportioned physique. Wide at the top, itty bitty in the middle, and flaring out all over the place at the bottom. And she's no plain Jane either.

In fact, it's been confided to FMS by one of Shanique's erstwhile Figure rivals that she is, in the flesh, so devastatingly sexy (if you are a fan of the muscle, that is) that standing next to her on stage can bring quite the swoon over her fellow competitors. Maybe that's Shanique's secret! She's so sexy it hurts the performance of others...

Check out Shanique's presentation along with all of the Physique line-up at Karina's show. Now Rosela Joseph (who finished 2nd) stands on her head at one point in her routine, but Shanique just kind of struts on, bends her knees, poses a bit, flares her lats and thighs. Turns round, does similar. Then there's the abs and thigh. Now is it my imagination or does she not even bother really flexing those abs? Like she knows that they are by far the best in the show even when relaxed, so why try harder?

Shanique's at 5.05. Rosela stands on her head at 13.25.

She's qualified for the Olympia now. I hope she has better luck in the run-in than she did last year, and you too can make sure she's keeping safe by following her Instagram. Given her record at Physique contests till now, she might be a real contender.

And I reckon she knows it.

Congratulations Shanique! (I'm sure you are very nice really)

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