Thursday, 6 April 2017

Woman of the Week: Caitlyn Terry

Giving some fasted training a try... feels like my skin's gonna rip. I love itttttttttt!

There are, as we shall see today, several reasons why FMS, the fan forums, and perhaps you too, dear reader, have fallen for Canadian Physique competitor Caitlyn Terry. Personally speaking, the fact that she's the kind of lady who loves it when it feels as though her muscles are going to burst through her skin is not the least of them.

Welcome to reason #2. That chest! You gotta be doing something right when your cleavage goes all the way up to your neck! says Caitlyn. And the crowning glory of all her magnificently striated pec meat are those throbbing veins. Yes YES YES! A big fat pec vein will do it for ol' Swell here every time. Caitlyn has got a bunch going on.

But let's not make this all about me. I know some of you lovely people like nothing better than a great transformation story. Well guess what? Caitlyn has two. For real.

Transformation #1 Figure to Physique

On the left, Caitlyn in March 2014 at her first Figure show. And on the right - and yes, it is the same woman - Caitlyn on her Physique debut at the 2016 Ontario Physique Association (OPA) Gala Championships last November. She won, of course.

Transformation #2 Blooming to Shredz

Just eleven months between these two. ELEVEN months. And even more astonishing, this transformation took place during the previous one. Picture left, November 2015, and picture right, October 2016, a month before she picked up the short class and overall titles at that OPA Gala Championships. The most badass transformation I've accomplished as of yet, reckons Caitlyn. For real... Wait a minute! "As of yet"?!

So just to summarise, the tranformation from (let's face it not the greatest) Figure competitor in 2014 to a rock hard trophy-winning Physique phenom took place over a two-and-a-bit-year period. And she was pregnant for nine months of that.


Good. Let's move on, or rather, why don't we just go back to last November for a moment? Caitlyn's Physique debut, or just before it anyway. Let's talk tan...

And the feeling lasted through a second application, and on. Dry ab belly, claw hands, and a muddy brown tannnn... I love being a mud-coloured protein princess!

I think my swoonometer just went off the scale and started smoking.

Time for a bit of a calm down.

Caitlyn is, as previously mentioned, Canadian, but has very recently moved "south" as she puts it, to live in the US with her husband and son (see Transformation #2 above). Along with the fact that she will be busy establishing herself and her family in her adopted country, qualifying for her Green Card will mean she won't be able to return to Canada for the CBBF Nationals in 2017, so sadly, we won't see her so shredded again for a good while yet. However, she still has plenty of body goals.

All I wanna do is get bigger and better.

And, more specifically, I just want delts the size of my heeeeaddddddd!

The swoonometer is now actually on fire.

Follow Caitlyn on Instagram. You really should.

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