Saturday, 15 April 2017

Champion of the Day: Paola Sanchez

2017 IFBB Diamond Cup Caribe Open Physique Champion

With her Latin looks and obvious on stage enthusiasm, Paola Sanchez has consistently grabbed FMS' attention over the last couple of years at Arnold Amateurs in the US and Europe. At the start of March this year she was in once again in Columbus, Ohio, placing (a little disappointingly given that she'd previously been a runner-up) 5th in her class. A couple of weeks later though, at the inaugural Caribbean version of the IFBB Diamond Cup, it was time for Paola to celebrate a win.

Granted, the field of three (including Paola) was not of the kind of quality she had faced at her other international shows, but you can only beat what's on stage next to you, and there's little doubt in my mind that Paola is by far the classiest Physique act to have come out of the Caribbean so far, and is rightly now the most successful as well.

The fact the contest took place on home soil in Santo Domingo doubtless made it all the sweeter for her. She certainly seemed to enjoy bringing the home crowd to life as she performed her posing routine with all the gusto (and more) that I have always imagined Paola displaying on stage. And all after she had waited minutes in starting position for her music to get cued up before she was told to go off and come back after another competitor had performed their routine! Watch Paola in action here.

And if you rewind to about 18.25, you can watch Paola wait.

I hope the crystal clear IFBB TV cameras will be there to catch her next sizzling routine. In the meantime, you can follow this stunning woman on Instagram.

Felicitaciones Paola!

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