Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Champion of the Day: Karolína Borkovcová

2017 Arnold Amateur Australia Physique Champion

Every day you do cardio, you cook, you go training, you're in your own little bubble. And then suddenly you're standing there on stage, people are coming up and congratulating you, and you are entitled to pro card... It's just pure happiness!
"Will anyone who is NOT Czech please leave the stage..."
(left to right) Hatvani, Borkovcová, and Ferenčuková

Karolina led a Czech 1-2-3 at the Arnold Amateur in Melbourne in the middle of last month, with Amazonian compatriot Alena Hatvani in 3rd, and the elegant Lenka Ferenčuková, Arnold Amateur champion in Ohio earlier in March, taking 2nd.

Having won multiple NABBA and WFF titles to gain those federations' pro cards in 2015, Karolina is, of course, no stranger to that winning feeling, but previous attempts at making her mark in the IFBB had not gone very well. Competing in Women's Bodybuilding, she was a lowly 9th at the Arnold Amateur Europe in 2012, and fared little better in her first Physique outing at the Arnold Amateur in Ohio two years later.

Even as she stood on stage in Melbourne, having trimmed 5kg of muscle from her compact frame to please the IFBB judges, she was uncertain how she would place. There were sixteen of us, and some very different physiques, she said. It was impossible to predict how the judging would go. And even before she'd landed in Australia, she'd had some ups and downs. Her prep had been as thorough as always, but she had to take time out five weeks before the show after coming down with flu.

In the event, everything turned out peachy. This is definitely the most important title I've achieved, she says, not least because that pro card will enable her to indulge her other great passion, travel, competing in parts of the world she hasn't visited yet.

Karolina's "Road to the Arnold Classic Australia" is documented on the Bodyflex Fitness YouTube channel. Czech is an even sexier language when Karolina's speaking it...

Gratulace Karolina!

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