Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: Wish You Were Here (Part 1): Girls at FIBO Power 2017

So this is coming at you live (well, 10 days in advance kind of live anyway) from the hotel balcony. Mrs Swell, in case you were wondering, is down at the pool, sunning herself between swims, and I'll be joining her as soon as I've finished "catching up on a few work emails". Not entirely bollocks, but, well, you know, FMS comes first.

Once again, we have the genius of Hevumisa to thank for today's treat.

As always with his edits, it's quality from start to finish, and his (first of a few, I hope) offerings from this year's FIBO includes Greek goddess Vicky Moutopoulou (from about 3.30 in the orange top). Less well-known names are IFBB Figure competitor Marie-Rose Tarkmanian (flexing with Vicky at the BMXX stand in purple), who does nothing to make me think her self-proclaimed "Muscle Doll" title is wide of the mark, and Doina Gorun-Benagli aka "The Tiger" and also Figure, the most prominently-muscled of the tiny gold shorts brigade from about 5.30.


A bit more from the balcony tomorrow...

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