Friday, 28 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: I Would Notice

Previously on FMS, we had Ayme De Oliveira, the "bodybuilding air hostess who claims passengers don't notice her stunningly sculpted physique except when they see her lifting baggage". Now it's a bodybuilding banker, 36-year-old Shivani Vaghela who is quoted as saying "I look normal in my suit", and, according to an article in The Mail Online, whose "colleagues have no idea about her secret life as a bodybuilder".

You can probably tell already that we are talking about a small "b" bodybuilder here, actually a Bikini competitor at those "Miami Pro" contests. So, yes, actually not a hell of a lot of muscle, not even compared to Ayme. But would that mean, if you or I were one of her banking colleagues, we'd be as oblivious to her charms as her actual colleagues seem to be? Not likely. And it's not just because our female muscle radar would probably just pick her up swanning around at Canary Wharf in her gym gear.

The main thrust of The Mail's article, as is so often the case, is the "bizarre" diet. Shivani, it tells us, "ploughs through six meals a day". The female muscle head notices such things, and is much less likely to come to the conclusion that "she has an eating disorder", which is apparently what the other bankers have decided. Often I've eaten out of Tupperware in meetings, which has posed a few questions, she says, or I've had to explain why I'm ordering off menu when in restaurants for business meetings too.

Kind of beggars belief that her colleagues aren't aware when she puts it like that. Or is The Mail once again guilty of a bit of fact massaging in order to pretty much regurgitate Ayme De Oliveira's story with added Indian heritage? It's culturally very different to be bodybuilding as a female and it's not considered a feminine look, Shivani says.

But buried deep within the article is a shameless plug for a fitness food delivery service. And that, I suspect, is really where the true purpose of the article lies.

See? I notice these things.

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