Monday, 17 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: Because She Can

OK, so Mrs Swell has surprised me by booking a two-week break to the sunshine. Love her to bits, though she can at times mistake the fact that I am self-employed for being able to take time off whenever I want. Anyway, I shall be busy buying her some new outfits for the beach before we go, and then we're away, so posts may be a bit thin, or lack the usual diligence for the next couple of weeks. But don't blame the lady.

Thoughts of the beach led me to Claudia Bonavoglia showing it off. Don't think I've posted these particular pics of her before, but I may be wrong. Anyway, here's Claudia, not letting the fact that she is in a chair stop her from giving her sizzling Brazilian body a quick workout. Or, as one forum wag put it, Why sit when I can train triceps and abs? It's a nice dream to think I'll get to feast my eyes on a sight like this while away...


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