Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: Ivie's Reign

Say oi to Ivie Rhein, the latest in the long line of Brazilian wonders to have had my jaw heading for the floor. Originally from São Paulo, Ivie (it's pronounced "ivi", not "ivy") has been living in the US for the last couple of years, and has now competed five times in NPC shows, most recently at the Steve Stone Metropolitan (above and below).

And she's won all of them.
Ivie reigns in 2016 at the NPC Orlando Europa (top left); NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic (top right);
& the NPC All South Championship (bottom left); plus the NPC Karina Nascimento Classic in 2017

Not surprisingly, we learn that all these first places might mean that she can get her pro card, and I for one don't see why that shouldn't be. She's got the pro body already!

Now if this is going to me the new M.O. for South Americans - move to the US, win everything in sight, join the pros - then if I were an NPC Physique competitor, I would be seriously worried and probably praying that wall gets built quick snap.

Better make it a strong wall though.

Here's Ivie interviewed by Carolina Araujo for NPC News Online after her fifth win, clutching both the Open and 35+ winner's trophies. Velvet of voice, killer smile, that delicious accent, stunning beauty, golden tanned muscle all over the place...

Prepared to be Rheined!


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