Monday, 26 August 2013

Marja Lehtonen

Marja Lehtonen, the Finnish mega woman, was a competitive bodybuilder for twenty years from 1990 to 2010. So much about her is legend that it barely needs repeating here. Her incredible biceps, her Changing with Marja clips for Awefilms, her contest routines (especially during her early years as a pro), her 45-minute clip for FT Video/BluRay Muscle in 2010... I could go on and on. She was, is, and probably always will be, one of the top female bodybuilders among fans, myself included.

Marja had the total package. Striking facial beauty, massive muscle on a small frame, absolutely ageless, piercing blue eyes, a smile to die for, bis bigger than her head, perfect quads. How she didn't win every event she was in amazes me. She might be the most beautiful FBB ever! is a not untypical comment from a board devoted to her.

Today, though, we're not going to get into the whys and wherefors of how she failed to win a single pro show. Nor are we going to focus on her legendary biceps.

Today, a selection showcasing Marja's magnificent, massive legs...

And some of the things the guys who love her say.

When she was 15, a teacher recommended she try sprinting. The weight training involved in preparation for her sprints ultimately led her to discovering her love of bodybuilding, but I imagine it also meant that she had developed her legs as a sprinter before she started to develop them further as a bodybuilder. Perhaps this was how her legs got the head start they needed in order to become so special.

I've just got to say it, Marja is the best FBB ever! From head to toe everything is PERFECT about this woman. Huge beautiful muscles aside, Marja still has the sexiest eyes, smile, skin tone, hair, etc. You name it this woman's got it!

One of the things I always loved about Marja was her penchant for the quad shake. Now I love the quad shake no matter who is doing it nor how big her legs are. But when Marja shakes those mammoth quads then suddenly flexes them, well, for me, it's quad shake heaven. Nobody does it better.

She did have a website about 5 years or so ago, but it was never updated (it was a free one with "promises" of more if I recall correctly) and wasn't that good. Weird how she had (has) so many fans and no website - it's not as though she didn't like doing photo/video shoots!

She talked up her website in interviews around 2005, although it never really materialised into what it promised to be. Consequently, she never had the online presence that her legions of fans would have wanted. This may have saved many a female muscle heads' bank account from ruin, but it also means that Marja never quite made the sort of money she could have out of the sport she so obviously loved. As noted above, the website is still promising lots of things are 'coming soon'.

She may have dropped off the face of the planet, but she's still my favourite.

Where Marja is now nobody seems to know. But it still doesn't seem to matter in the sense that she is still absolutely as popular as ever. I don't think it would be too wide of the mark to say that her appeal will be proved to be timeless, and as each new generation of female muscle lovers discovers her, her legend will continue to grow.

Marja was definitely the lady that made me realize I liked 'em BIG!

And we will leave you today with one of Marja's many many training clips. Ten minutes of her blasting those big and beautiful legs with the kinds of weights that make you rewind to check you counted the poundage correctly. As another fan has said, All those muscles aren't just for show. Her training videos are some of the best EVER! Girl lifts a ton and rarely shows any effort doing so.

Enjoy! or Nauti! (as Google Translate tells me they say in Finland.)
Please correct me if I'm wrong!


  1. As I already say it a thousand times, Marja is by far one of my favorites ladies to jerk off...

  2. Another great description of a muscular goddess, 6ft1swell. Congrats.
    As a legman, I always liked her legs better than her biceps (and I fucking love those muscle mountais in her arms).
    She's the kind of girl that catches the eye at first glance. Maybe it's because of the contrast between her sweet face and those huge, hard, astonishing muscles.
    A thousand years from now, muscle fans will still jerk off to Marja.

  3. I don't spend much PRIVATE time with her, but if I do she makes me CUM like an icelandic volcano with indescribable orgasmic pleasure..