Sunday, 18 August 2013

Calves: Jen Rish

Ever heard of Nanci Tringali? How about Tracey Gaither? Elena Renteria? Noella Downs? No? Me, neither, but I bet you know who Jen Rish is. The reason I ask is that back in 2008 at the California Pro, the four women you haven't heard of finished higher that the one you have heard of. In fact, Jen Rish finished dead last. But despite her almost negligible career as firstly a figure competitor, and then a fitness competitor, she is known to us all.
At the 2008 California Pro (top) and NPC Border States Championships (bottom)

It’s easy to admire her subtle, girl-next-door muscularity and intense beauty, said Kriv Studios blog in June 2008. Her deep, soulful brown eyes, it went on, her warm, disarming smile... And, oh yes, there’s Jennifer’s calves.

In 2008, Jen and her calves were all over not just Kriv Studios, but also HerBiceps and Femflex and FT Video and The Valkyrie and She Muscle, and from those sources, onto the screens and into the consciousness of thousands of female muscle fans.

As quickly as she came, she was gone. She's Jen Surovec now. FMS does NOT recommend it, but if you really want to upset yourself, you can have a look at her and her husband's wedding website.

Or instead, you could relive those heady days of 2008 when Jen's 'deep, soulful brown eyes' seemed to be looking right at you, and you dreamed that her 'huge, powerful, melon-crushing calves' (Kriv Studios blog again) could be yours to have and hold (and worship) with this rather good little compilation.

The choice is yours.

And if that hasn't quite satisfied you, enjoy a full eight-minute edit of Jen in a black dress from the same channel here.

More legs and stuff tomorrow!

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