Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Aleksandra Albu: Killer Legs

My introduction to the subject of today's continuation of Legs Month here at FMS was the above two photos. Such a beautiful woman, I thought, and such amazing legs. The one on the right even made it into our Best Images of 2011 (as a 'Leg Shot of the Year runner-up!) though I had no idea exactly who this beauty with the amazing legs was.

I now know that they belong to Александра Албу (or Aleksandra Albu). This appears to be her real name, though like a good Cold War secret agent, she has a few monnikers that she goes under: aka Sascha Albu, aka 'Stitch', aka Aleksandra Belaya. (And you can also find Aleksandra spelt Alexandra just to make matters even more confusing!)

And I also now know that although Aleksandra was Junior Bodyfitness Champion at the 2011 Moscow Cup, but those amazing legs of hers, aesthetically-pleasing though they are, are not just for show.

As well as competing in Bodyfitness, Aleksandra is also a Goshin Jutsu karate expert with a bronze medal in European competition, and, more recently, has turned her attention to mixed martial arts, training and fighting out of MMA-KEGI in Moscow. Those legs, then, are literally killers.

You can watch Aleksandra doing all of the above in this youtube clip, and also watch her going through her (rather intimidating) paces at a training camp in Phuket here.

I rather like the 'Beauty and the (Fighting) Beast' contrast, though as another poster on a forum has put it, I don't want her to crack my ribs or break my limbs, I just want her on top of me as I feel all her muscles knowing that she can break me in pieces if she wanted to.

And she really could. Check out the most recent thing FMS has come across starring the lovely and deadly Aleksandra, an MMA 'Octagon' fight from this year...

I'm not sure 'enjoy' is quite the right word today. Be afraid, be very afraid!

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  1. sorry, FMS, a bodybuilding blog is not the right place to promote MMA womens fights.
    I prefer mud Wrestling...