Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sculptor at Work: Tina Chandler

Tina Chandler sculpting her legs at Houston Gym, or as she puts it, 'the place that I call home' is today's offering. Tina was described on fbbmax as 'the whole supermuscular package' recently, and her package has rarely looked better than around the time of this clip.

You'll be wanting to have the sound on, partly for the heavy breathing that gets better and better as the workout progresses, but also for Tina's sexy southern lilt, made even sexier by her 'deeper than your average female' voice.

I, and maybe you, find the deeper voice, and Tina's 'muscle jaw' look, sexy. But curiously, some of those that have commented on the clip point out this fact as if it were a negative thing.

I don't understand their point of view, and I dare say you don't either.

First of all, I don't understand why they are watching the gorgeous Tina pumping up her legs at all if they don't like female bodybuilders or female bodybuilding. They don't like the idea that female bodybuilders might take substances that give them deeper voices or more masculine jawlines, OK. But then, why watch? There's plenty of other things to watch that don't offend them, why don't they just watch something else? I mean, the Kardashians offend me, but I don't waste my time tracking down clips of them just so I can post negative comments on their clips.

I watch what I love. I watch Tina.


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