Friday, 2 August 2013

Woman vs Food: Brigita

Last November, FMS went Around the World with Brigita, showcasing her 'candid' photos from her travels, some of which showed her eating and drinking. However, Brigita likes her candids (or perhaps it's her husband who likes them) so much, that we by no means exhausted our supply of images of 'Brigy' keeping her magnificent muscles fed in a variety of exotic locations, so we thought we'd bring you a few more.

Brigita is most definitely a carnivore. I'm a typical meat-eater, she says, and I have my meat in every meal except in post workout shake. I also eat decent portions of egg whites, rice and vegetables. While keeping my diet clean I feel good and I look good. And it's pretty easy because I don't like pizza or pasta, I prefer steak. I'm careful to buy organic food, especially the meat and vegetables.

But obviously she's not averse to a post-contest treat either, judging by the way she's devouring those sweet treats in the pictures below. Gosh she can open her mouth wide, can't she?! And I'm not going to say anything about her lips or what she's doing with them in the picture on the right... Not a word!

Hope you enjoyed our feast of female muscle beef feasting.

Thanks to those who liked it enough to comment. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a winner or not - it just seemed a bit 'out there' - but obviously I needn't have worried.

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