Sunday, 4 August 2013

Calves: Katka

We kommence our month of women's muskular legs with one (or perhaps that should be two) of the Wonders of the Female Muscle World, Katka Kyptova's kalves.

Katka has been a long-time FMS favourite. Head to toe there's literally nothing about her I don't like. She's living proof that not all women are created equal, at least not genetically anyway, and that when such potential is fully realised, the result is a combination of muscle and beauty so stunning that you almost feel sorry for those outside the female muscle lovin' brethren for missing out on a woman so perfect.

She has, of course, recently decided to stop competing as a bodybuilder to try her luck in physique, so we may never again get to see her in the kind of shape she was in at the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe (below), which, in my opinion, represented her absolute peak. I wrote at the time that she took to the stage dark-haired, sultry and sizzling with muscular sexuality... her posing suit had to be made out of a special material from NASA that is used to coat the heat-shields on spacecraft for re-entry into the atmosphere. Without this material, members of the audience in the front rows might have suffered first and even second degree burns from the heat she was emanating. Despite this, the judges found their pens melting when Katka was on stage.

After controversially finishing runner-up to Elena Shportun on that occasion that she was thinking of quitting bodybuilding, but she soldiered on for one more crack at the title in 2012 and finished second again, this time to Jacqueline Fuchs. So rather than look at the glass as half empty and think what a loss to bodybuilding Katka is going to be, I prefer to see the glass as half full and say that we got one more year of Katka as a bodybuilder than we could have had, so actually we should be grateful for that.

Enough! Let's stick to the point. Her KALVES!

You might see the odd 'nice' pair in your daily life, but kalves of the kalibre of Katka's, so big, so perfektly-formed, are so rare, even among female bodybuilders, that they just take your breath away. Of kourse, yes, it's partly genetics, but Katka has been training these bad boys for getting on fifteen years now, it's dedication and discipline that have turned her potential into perfektion.

And FMS looks forward, yes, that's right, I look forward to seeing Katka kompete in physique. Maybe she'll get that elusive win and finally realise her dream of turning pro. I konfidently predikt she'll have the best kalves in the kontest at least.

Follow Katka's physique journey on her website, her blog and on Twitter.



  1. The last picture is amazing!
    It's almost too beautiful to be true!

  2. It is strange... from all muscular bodyparts of builders, I Need calves at least... anyone has simular opinion?