Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wendy Jeal

Personally, although I was an avid athletics-watcher in my youth, I remember very little about her races. My research tells me that her best performance at a major championship came in the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1986, where she won a bronze medal. She represented Great Britain at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, qualified as a fastest loser from her first round heat, but finished sixth in her quarter-final. She was no Jessica Ennis, not even the best British hurdler of her day.

But as this was a time when very few female track athletes had the kind of muscle and definition that is commonplace today - and those that did were East German beasts of a seemingly indeterminate sex - Wendy Jeal was a revelation. She had only a fleeting and not particularly noteworthy career as a 100m hurdler, but among female muscle fans, and especially British female muscle fans of a certain age, Wendy Jeal is (or perhaps, to be more accurate, I should say Wendy Jeal's legs are) legend.

I may not remember her races as such, but I remember as clearly as if it were yesterday how defined and muscular her legs were, and how those muscles would pop as she settled into her blocks.

And I remember Stuart Storey (just imagine the most famous athletics commentator from your country, the guy who's been the voice of athletics on your TV for years and you'll get what I mean) blurting out before one race, 'Just look at the definition on her!', before adding that her nickname in the team was 'Miss Muscles'.

And judging by the kind of things fans say when images of Wendy at her peak are uploaded on the forum boards, I am not alone in having such wonderful memories of her...

Wendy Jeal has perhaps the BEST legs I have ever seen. 

The musculature, definition, and size are simply incredible.

Best legs on the planet.

They are the best legs ever and the greatest thing is they are natural.

The prize for the most interesting comment about Wendy on a forum that I have seen anyway has got to be this one, from a fan who goes by the name of 'THFC' (which suggests he's from the Haringey area of London - trust me on this, it's a football (soccer) thing) - and the club that Wendy used to run for was, indeed, Haringey.

When I was a teenage boy, he says, I used to train with her for the same track team. I could stare at her for hours. I would make any excuse to talk to her. That explains a lot about me.

Also, Wendy was one of only two non-bodybuilders who received votes when FMS invited readers to share their Fantasy Contest line-ups back in May last year.

But there are a limited number of images of Wendy (and Wendy's legs) out there, and a lot has happened since she last competed (as a heptathlete, in 1991 at the age of 31).

However, I was aware there was a video she made with the mighty Steve Wennerstrom at some point after the Seoul Olympics, and though I'd seen snippets of it and visited places where the whole video had been available but I'd arrived too late, I had never seen it in its entirety.

So I was grinning from ear to ear, among other things, when I found it uploaded to Daily Motion recently, on a channel belonging to 'UZI4you'. Good work fella!

Obviously it's not the greatest quality, but bear in mind that it's so old it's a bone fide female muscle artefact, relax, and enjoy the glory of Wendy's legs.

And when you've done that, head over to UZI4you's channel and give the (I assume) man some love for making the previous thirty-nine minutes (or perhaps multiples thereof) of your life so wonderful.


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