Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Calves: Sandy Vu

There's very little I can tell you about calves legend Sandy Vu except that her calves are (rightly) legendary among female muscle fans, and that there is almost no information out there about her. Search for her name and you'll get a lot of links relating to a Sandra/Sandy Vu, drummer of the Dum Dum Girls, but not a lot about Sandy Vu, former Canadian fitness competitor from Vancouver and owner of (did I mention this already?) a pair of calves that could cause heart failure if seen in real life.

Sandy's bad boys demand attention whether she's in heels or barefoot, whether she's on tiptoe or with her soles on the ground, whether she's sparring, playing mini-golf or just welcoming you home by coquettishly positioning herself on the sofa in a white swimsuit and pointing her toes to the ceiling, her eyes seemingly saying, Welcome home, baby. Now have a gnaw on these.

It seems to be a given among some female muscle fans that 'Asian' women, have naturally thicker, more muscular legs in general, and thicker, more muscular calves in particular. Now, I'm always reluctant to make physiological generalisations along the lines of ethnicity, but actually, when I thought about the beautiful women from Asia (Japan, South Korea and the Philippines) that I've had the pleasure of getting intimate with, I had to admit that 100% (of all three of them - clearly further research is needed!) did fit the description. So maybe there is something in it.

But none of those in my research sample came anywhere near Sandy's magnificence. Even among the genetically-predisposed (if, of course, the assumption is true) it appears that Sandy Vu was blessed with bountiful gifts. And that's our good luck too!


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