Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Brazilian Thunder III: Geisi Cyborg

Geisi Silva, aka Geisi Everson Diel, is a married (sorry) twenty-year-old (yep, that's right, 20!) Brazilian deusa who also goes by the name of Geisi Cyborg (or Ciborg).

There's very little I can tell you about her. Her Instagram page says that she is Passionate about pets and addicted to BODYBUILDING [her capitals]. Looking at her, you wouldn't necessarily guess the first part, but the second part seems to add up, don't you think? (Keep reminding yourself that she is 20...)

The same page also tells us that she's a university student, though not what she's studying, and her youtube channel suggests that another interest of hers might be fast cars with booming sound systems.
Geisi gets the sgcaio treatment

'Cyborg', short for 'cybernetic organism', is a being with both organic and artificial parts, an organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology. I wouldn't like to say whether Geisi has enhanced herself in ways that are, strictly speaking, 'artificial', but her choice of moniker seems rather apt, given her somewhat superhuman appearance.

And if it seems to you that I'm rather too calm and collected while talking about this woman, a woman who, no doubt, has raised your blood pressure considerably and rendered you incapable of speech or thought, you can be assured that I was pretty far from being calm and collected the first time I came across Geisi, and again when I came across the close-up images of her thighs below.

The sound that these visions of eye-popping muscular freakishness, the likes of which I have never seen before, induced me to produce is a sound which I simply cannot represent with the letters and sounds of the English language. Indeed I doubt there is any language that could reasonably mimic this sound. It came from deep deep within me. Bestial, raw, neolithic. I have never, ever, made or heard a sound remotely like it. And I can only call it my 'Geisi roar'.

I wouldn't be surprised if she has induced a similar unique sound out of every single one of you, my brethren. Your own personal 'Geisi roar'. I can't imagine what happens to the men whose path she and her thighs thunder across in the course of her daily life. Do they just stare at her, 'Geisi roaring'?

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And, best for last, I leave you today with Geisi in motion...

Viva Brasil!

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  1. Great find, you truly have a talent to find them ;)