Friday, 23 August 2013

Brazilian Thunder II: Mara Dalila, Amazon

When FMS' intrepid reporter arrived at 10.20 prompt for his scheduled meeting with Mara Dalila, he found the Brazilian goddess to be as punctual as she is beautiful. Mara was already waiting for him at the appointed place. He'd asked to meet her in a public place, simply for the kick of watching the reactions of passers-by, and to his delight, even though it was still fairly early in the morning, the temperature was a balmy 21ºC, and plenty of Mara's bronzed Brazilian flesh was on show.

Amazingly, our correspondent did not fall onto his knees before Mara, but did manage to hold himself together and actually get a semblance of an interview and email it back to the FMS offices. What happened to him after speaking to Mara is less clear. She has confirmed that they finished talking and said their goodbyes. That was the last time anyone saw him. According to the Brazilian authorities he is still somewhere in the country unless he has crossed a border illegally. FMS has been asked by his family to appeal for information regarding his whereabouts, but let's face it, he's not the first female muscle head to have gone AWOL in Brazil.

More surprising was the difference in local temperature at the beginning and end of the interview. As noted above, at 10.20 it had been 21ºC. Half an hour later, a rise in temperature, that we can only assume was caused by Mara's volcanically-hot presence, of 36º was apparent. By 11.00 when our reporter took his last shot of Mara, the temperature had risen to 57ºC!
She competed, as far as we can ascertain, at a national level around 2008 and 2009. And, as she told our reporter, at the time, she had considerably less male attention than she enjoys now. Guys used to be intimidated because I carried myself in a way that was less feminine, she said. But with time, I learned to become more feminine and sensual in my mannerisms. So now I have a way about me that’s muscular, strong and sexy, yet delicate and feminine. And men are VERY attracted to that.

And the more we read of the Q&A between our long-lost correspondent and the magnificent Mara, the more we, too found ourselves VERY attracted to her...

FMS: Do you enjoy posing for the camera and being sensual?

Mara: I like to pose in a sensual, but sincere manner. Not so over the top sexual. Like 70% sexy.

FMS: So what do you do for fun when you’re not training?

Mara: I like to do things like go to the movies, the theatre, or the beach. For cheat meals I like to have pizza and iced coffee. I love to read books; especially ones about criminal law. I also like art, movies, music, shoes... I’m really crazy about shoes... and lingerie.

FMS: Do you sleep in the lingerie, or is it just for your man?

Mara: Well, I sleep naked. I’d also like to work out naked... I’ve never actually tried it. And I have a rather uncommon body sensitivity. The most sensitive parts of my body are my neck, forehead, back, and feet... and when touched I just go wild!

FMS: You sound like a very sensual woman. What's your sexual orientation?

Mara: I’m completely heterosexual. I’m not attracted to women in any way. I like all types of men.

FMS: So what kind of guys do you go for?

Mara: Elegance, maturity, and intelligence are my preferences. What’s interesting is, a muscular physique is not what attracts me to a man. It takes much more than that to get me. I like a guy who takes pride in taking care of himself and his body, but not to the point that it’s the most important thing in his life.
Muscle women, female bodybuilders in particular, are often described as 'Amazons'. Mara, from the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas, is a living, breathing one. A real life Amazon, a modern Brazilian Amazon, strong and sexy, feminine and muscular, beautiful and powerful.

Read the real interview with Mara in full at

And we leave you today with Mara's preview clip from the same site.
Standing behind a fire door to view it is advised.

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