Thursday, 8 August 2013

Freak: Maria Segura

Some female bodybuilders are bigger than others, and some female bodybuilders' legs are bigger than other female bodybuilders' legs. And then there are some female bodybuilders' legs that belong in a category all of their own. Legs that just take your breath away. Legs that make your eyes pop out of your head.

Mr Female Muscle Clips, working as hard as ever in the image above, has seen more than a few pairs of muscular legs, and seen tham up close and personal at that. Mr Female Muscle Clips reckons that Maria Segura's legs are THE BEST of all FBBs.

Whether you agree with Mr Female Muscle Clips or not (and let's face it, you are hardly likely to have spent as much time as he has doing your field research, so his opinion should count for something) Maria's legs are definitely among the biggest, thickest and freakiest we have ever seen. I mean, check out some of these images. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if some of those muscles that adorn Maria's legs had their own postcodes, especially that 'leg bicep'.

Mexico's greatest ever FBB export, Maria Carmen Gomez Segura turned 40 this June (feliz cumpleaƱos, Maria!). She began her bodybuilding career in her 20s. Her first show (and victory) in 1998 was the bizarrely titled 'Mr Beard'! By 2007, she had a handful of national titles already under her belt, and won the IFBB North Americans that year, and followed that up in 2008 with victory at the Arnold Amateur. As a pro, Maria has not enjoyed much success with the judges, but a truly huge hardcore bodybuilder, which she most certainly is, doesn't need to win trophies to gain the devotion of hardcore bodybuilding fans.

Non-female muscle heads might be able to understand why we get all hot and bothered by, say, a figure or physique competitor - someone like Juliana Malacarne, for example (although even 'La Malacarne' would be a step too far for most, but you get my meaning). Women like Maria, however, and legs like Maria's, they will never understand. Super freaks are just for us. Perhaps that's why we love them just that little bit more.

Check out the result of Mr Female Muscle Clips' hard work with Maria's mind-boggling body, with understandable emphasis on those amazing legs in the preview below and visit the Female Muscle Clips website if you can't live without the full version.



  1. this mirrow leg-glutes pic of Ms. Segura is without any doubt one of the most legendary pics of all times.
    I dont want to diminish the joy; but actually I think that it's as much the special /unusual angle Mr. Female Muscle Clips uses, than the Quality of her XXXXL wheels. Says Mr. Marcus Aurel.

  2. Hey Marcus, how ya doing my fellow female muscle lover? I'd have to disagree about "unusual angles" Maria's legs are utterly incredible. Take a look at all of her, she's a big girl, her upper body is very impressive with a large amount of beautiful quality muscle,BUT... Those LEGS. Those wonderfully FREAKY legs. That top picture in particular is just....Well, I can't even find the words, incredible doesn't do her justice. How I'd love this guy's job, you're right FMS, he certainly get's to see up close to so many big women.
    Love this post FMS, you know me, I just can't get enough of the HUGE female beefcakes.