Sunday, 25 August 2013

The WPW Way Legs Were

One of the key moments in my female muscle lovin' life, and undoubtedly I'm not alone in this, was discovering that there was a magazine that was not only solely about female bodybuilders, but also photographed them in a way that the mainstream muscle mags never did.

But even compared to that life-changing moment, the moment when I discovered that magazine had a website where I could peruse thousands and thousands of these images, and even buy whole photo sets with great image after great image of my favourite women, was almost as big a revelation.

Of course, I'm talking about Women's Physique World (and whenever I refer to it, I am also referring to its somewhat racier sister site, Ray Martin).

What I liked about the images then hasn't changed at all since I first came across them. There were bikinis and posing suits, there was oil. There was glamour: high heels, big hair. But most of all, there was MUSCLE. The mainstream mags had bikinis and oil and glamour too, but the muscularity of the women was played down by the style of photography. In WPW, it was quite the opposite, it was all about the muscle.

Images like the ones of Amelia Hernandez and Paulina Talus above would have been unthinkable in Muscle & Fitness or Musclemag. So big, so pumped, so groin-tinglingly vascular! If you were to draw an evolutionary tree of hardcore female muscle photography, I'd bet WPW would be everyone's common ancestor.

It also seems to me that some of the newer female muscle clip websites like fitvids and female-muscle-clips hark back to the WPW style in the way they shoot the women. I'm not saying it's exactly the same, but , for example, there is a focus on longer clip duration, and the generally static nature of the cameras compared to some of the more established clip sites. Those things remind me of the WPW house style.

But enough of my ill-informed theorising. I should take a leaf out of WPW's book and let the women and the muscle do the talking. And in today's case, it's a selection of my favourite WPW leg shots that will be speaking up eloquently so I don't have to!


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