Monday, 12 August 2013

Amy Sibcy

My favourite exercise in the gym in leg training, says Amy Sibcy. During contest time I will train legs twice a week. It's not surprising, therefore, that she is famous for just that part of her body.

Amy Lynn Sibcy was born in the town of Middleton, Ohio in 1967. And that's where she still lives, with her husband, a gym owner, and her two daughters, so I think it's safe to say that she likes it there.

Her (rightly) famous legs got their start when she was growing up in modern dance, ballet, football (soccer), and cheerleading. Furthermore, her father was a gym owner, so although she claims not to have trained specifically as a bodybuilder until she was in her mid-30s, she says she started playing around with weights at the age of 14.

She won her first two contests, her local city (Cincinnati) and state (Ohio) championships, in 2004, but it would take her another seven years until, at 44, she earned her pro card despite finishing second to Janet Kaufman in the middleweight class at the 2011 NPC Masters Nationals. Since then, she has competed only once, at last year's Chicago Pro contest, where she finished 12th in a high-quality field. Hopefully, we will see her on stage again before long.

Meanwhile, we have plenty of images of Amy and her most renowned body part to keep us occupied. She has wonderfully defined and vascular legs around contest time, and much of her work for the major female muscle websites have, quite rightly, highlighted that, putting Amy in a variety of glamorous dresses and heels.

And while not very recent, her most recent work from around the time of her last contest, Chicago last summer, suggests she is in no hurry to stop those magnificent leg muscles growing ever bigger and bolder.

A real estate investor and mother-of-two, Amy is clearly more than just a dynamite pair of legs. She's simply a fantastic advert for the benefits of bodybuilding (she's now in her mid-40s, remember?). One amazing and beautiful woman with two almost unbelievably beautiful legs.

Perhaps now you want to drop by Amy's website. Enjoy!

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