Thursday, 13 April 2017

Champion of the Day: Andrea Eddleston

2017 OPA Toronto Championships
Physique (Short) & Physique Masters (Short) Champion
Figure (Short) & Figure Masters (Short) Champion

One woman line-ups are not usually the best place to find the best in female muscle talent, but there are always happy exceptions which prove the rule, and at the OPA's Toronto Championships on 17th March, one woman stood tall in the short classes in Figure, Figure Masters, Physique, and Physique Masters - Andrea Eddleston.

She has had enough Figure success previously to qualify her for national competition, but this was Andrea's first crack at the Physique division, a "learning experience", as she put it. However, as she is trained by the same guy who looks after (among others) IFBB Pro Esther Carnabuci, I reckon - and I'm in no way qualified to judge - Andrea would have been several shredded cuts above if she had faced any competition.

In top shape, a bucket load of sex appeal, and judging by the photos, an accomplished stage presence, Andrea seems to have all that it takes to take it a few more levels. Hopefully, she won't be alone on the stage next time, because she does like a challenge. I like to see what I'm made of, she says. And I love every minute of it.

Coincidentally, I've loved every minute I've spent perusing Andrea's Instagram.

Congratulations Andrea!

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