Saturday, 22 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: Excited!

I'm getting proper excited about me and the missus' Easter break now (and yes, I am aware you are reading this after Easter, well, Anglican Easter anyway, not sure when Orthodox Easter is this year). We fly out tomorrow night, and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now for just having booked us dinner in a local Michelin star place there, and I reckon I'll get myself into town in the morn to pick out a nice figure hugging dress for Mrs Swell to wear on the occasion. I love showing off her hard work.

So, excited.

I'm also excited about some other, more relevant to the blog, things as well. The IFBB Female Bodybuilding contest season starts up again in just over a month with three consecutive weekends of "proper" female muscle in Toronto, Puerto Rico, and on June 10th, Omaha. Aleesha Young is scheduled to compete in Omaha, and if you can't get excited about that, then I don't know why you are here. But I'm also excited about another show which, like the Puerto Rico Pro, takes place on the weekend before Aleesha's comeback. It's the NPC Titan Open at the University of Wisconsin.

The show will see the return to the stage of amateur Physique competitor Lauren Quinn, who, in case you need reminding, we haven't seen since the Nationals in 2015. Then, despite being (to my ignorant and unqualified to judge eyes at least) the pick of a high quality division, the judges saw fit to only award her 3rd in her class.

Lauren took a competitive break in 2016, but now she's well on her way to the University of Wisconsin, and she's very excited about it. Seeing progress makes me want to keep going! she wrote recently. More cuts, more veins, and less chub! Two weeks after the Titan Open, Lauren will be at the Jr. USAs. Among others, Kat Secor, one of the two women who finished above her at the 2015 Nationals, reckons in current shape Lauren will be a pro before long, while Stephanie Flesher, another IFBB Physique Pro, recently commented that Lauren would be "peeled to the bone", and looked 4 weeks out just under 10 weeks before her contest comeback.

So it's not just dirty ol' Swell here who is excited. There is, apparently, general excitement. Check out more of Lauren's 2015 Nationals gallery. Search for a bit of her work with HerBiceps from around that time. Give her a follow on Instagram. I'm pretty sure that before long your own level of Lauren excitement will be rising too.


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