Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tube Watch

FMS picks a few of our favourite YouTube clips so far from March in the latest chapter of our (pleasingly both popular and) regular muscle in motion fest: Tube Watch.


If Crossfit is your thing, then you have probably been a very happy bunny in the last few weeks or so, as the lady stars of the sport (ie. the real stars of the sport) have been all over the CrossFit® channel doing their Open workouts. Quite frankly, it can be a bit manic for an old female muscle head like me. Nevertheless, watching any of Iceland's "dottirs" really going at it can be an undeniably breathtaking experience, as I believe our pick of the March bunch so far aptly demonstrates. Over to you Katrin...


For Your Consideration

If you prefer to drink in your female muscle, you might well enjoy almost nine minutes of Sandra Grajales Romero, recently in the Hot and Hard 100 Top 30 for the first time, filmed during a photoshoot for Tora Brasil. Sandra models a few different (but all equally skintight) outfits in a gym, and stills from the shoot are intercut with the footage. A less time-consuming four-minute "Making of..." edit is also available.


Please excuse the camera work, writes femcepsfan in his description of one of two clips of gorgeous Julia Föry guest posing at the 2017 IFBB Battle of Champions to appear on his channel this month. I was pretty excited, that's why it's a bit shaky.

Totally understandable. And I think he did a sterling job. Had I been the cameraman, I doubt the footage would have been watchable at all. Anyway, harsher critics than I might like to view the other, less shaky, version of Julia strutting her jawtastic stuff.

For Your Consideration

Yes, yes, you don't follow Figure, I know, BUT... perhaps you would just like to remind yourself why with a little clip of the Figure International ladies backstage at this year's Arnold Classic. Eventual winner Candice Lewis-Carter's just perfect abs after about half a minute are just one of the many highlights. I personally reckon Ivana Ivusic's fully pumped and apparently HUGE arms (@1.03 on) are most likely to stop you saying that "I don't follow..." bit any longer, but I could be wrong.


Pick of the month so far though has got to be Episode 2 of Vanessa Naesheim's Straight Up series, which will follow her prep for this year's IFBB New York Pro.

Catch up with Episode 1 here. The mouth waters (among other things) at the prospect of the episodes to come. Don't miss a thing by subscribing to Vanessa's channel.


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