Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: Strong & Sexy

When I can do a pull-up I will do it topless :)

An ambition? Sounds more like motivation, and indeed, it was in a Pin folder entitled "Gym Motivation" that this statement of intent was found. She, the lady who wrote the caption, wants the strength to do the pull-up because she wants to do it topless.

I am not complaining. I find a topless pull-up, or indeed any topless back exercise, about as exciting a piece of muscle exhibitionism as any that will still make it onto the more censored bits of the internet or for that matter anywhere on the internet at all.

And it's no use pretending otherwise, ladies. We know why you do it.

Solely to see the progression of my back muscles! claims "Cyn". Not to turn on pervs!

Oh really! And that would be why you whipped off your top and cranked out those pull-ups bare-breasted, filmed it, and then uploaded it to your YouTube channel, would it? So you could share with your 700+ subscribers "the progression of your back muscles" and make sure "pervs" (like me?) had no access to it at all. Please!

I am strong, says the topless pull-up. And I am sexy.

There's no better reason. Why try to fool us into thinking otherwise?

And to celebrate, FMS has been inspired to do something we've never actually done before and created our own little compilation of topless backs in motion - including Cyn's - and starring Cindy Landolt first and last, Melissa Wee (tanned and sweaty), Kristina Nicole, Juliana Pereira, and more! Hardly the best-edited piece of work you'll ever see, but I defy you not to be impressed by the progression...

This never happens in my gym, is the most common lament of the forum poster when faced by these kinds of clips and images. Well, no, it doesn't happen in mine either, or in anyone's for that matter. Most of them look like they're performed in privacy anyway. Private right up until these exhibitionists share them with the world.


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