Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Mrs Swell's Easter Surprise: missxashley

Passport done. I'd half expected in our post-Brexit (or at least post-invoking Article 50) world, that it might have a different, non-EU cover - red, white and blue perhaps? - but no. Same old. Mind you, come 2019 or whenever this nightmare is supposed to begin in earnest, there might not be so much blue in flag anyway. But I digress...

Yesterday, I wondered if I might find some inspiration for today's post while I was waiting for my passport to get sorted, and lo, it came in the heaven-sent form of Ashley Losee, formerly Ashley Sneathen, aka "missxashley" (on Instagram).

The next couple of weeks might be all about quality time with my lady, but the last few have been all about me spending quality time with Ashley before, during and after her second ever pro show - the recent Figure-only IFBB Governor's Cup in California.

So lean, so gorgeous, so totally into herself... I still can't quite believe Ashley received just one solitary vote apart from mine in our recent Hot and Hard 100 poll. You can consider this the start of my campaign to make sure she's well in next year.

I have got some great ideas from Ashley re outfits I should buy for Mrs Swell. I picked up (among other things) some very tight shorts for her to wear on our hols after I'd been to the passport office yesterday actually. Wasn't thinking of Ashley at the time, but revisiting these pics now I can't help but think she's responsible. If the wife can pull them off with half as much aplomb as Miss Ashley does, I'll be a very proud man!


See also Ashley previously on FMS.

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