Thursday, 13 July 2017

Chicago 2017: Victoria Is Back to Big
Victoria's pro debut, 2015 Dallas Europa

Earlier in the week we saw how Hanna Hallman had moved up to Bodybuilding, and she wasn't alone in making that move. Victoria Dominguez, aka Mistress Tresure, moved up also, back up. Since winning her pro card (as Heavyweight and Overall winner) at the 2013 NPC Nationals (see FMS passim), Victoria had only, before Chicago, competed as a pro in Physique. This was her pro Bodybuilding debut.
Physique in 2016 - LA Grand Prix (left) and Europa Orlando

Whether this had any bearing on her decision to return to close-fisted flexing or not, she enjoyed extremely modest placings as a Physique competitor. 14th out of 18 on her debut in Dallas was her best result. Last year she looked uncharacteristically smooth at the LA Grand Prix and was awarded 10th - out of 10. Then she brought a bigger and more defined package to the Europa Orlando and failed to place at all.

Chicago was a very different story. As she waited there next to Brittney O'Veal for the runner-up announcement, she must have felt that she'd made the right decision whoever's name was called. She was a winner as an amateur Bodybuilder in the NPC (albeit at a time when line-ups were beginning to thin out), her debut pro Bodybuilding result in Chicago suggests she'll be a contender in the professional ranks as well.

She was runner-up here in the biggest and best line-up of the year so far. She almost certainly would have won had she competed in Puerto Rico (even I can say that with some confidence), and would have been my choice if she'd brought the same package to Norfolk the week after this show. Nevertheless, Victoria is well-placed in the qualifying table for an appearance at the Rising Phoenix if she wants to go through prep again in 2017 - she's never made any secret of how tough she finds it.

And not just the prep but also the contests themselves. I've SO MUCH respect for bodybuiilders that have been doing this year after year, for show after show, she said back in 2013. Imagine being on stage, dehydrated, tired, hot lamps and you have to f***ing smile in the process. I mean who wants to smile when you're dehydrated and tired and about to cramp the f*** up? Unbelievable! But the show must go on...

$2,500 she made for finishing runner-up. She probably makes that with a lot less effort through her various Mistress Treasure activities (no doubt there were some appointments made in the Chicago area after the show). But, just like Hanna Hallman, Victoria's smile suggests the money has got nothing to do with why she put herself through the rigours of competition once again. Unless it's just relief it's over!

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