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After almost two years, FMS finally gets round to the next installment of The A-Z of HUGE, "an alphabetical collection of gloriously BIG female muscle". The idea was that once it had gone full alphabet it would start up again, adding new appropriately large muscularity and/or those who had been forgotten first time around. That still stands, though getting from D to E has taken so long that myself (and many of you lovely readers) might have gone to the big post-contest party in the sky by the time we reach Z and start over. Anyway, here are your Es, and if you think I've overlooked someone or something relevant, please do get in touch via email (

The A-Z of HUGE

E is for...

ELENA (Oana Hreapca)

The IFBB's newest pro (more about what happened in Chicago next week on FMS) has been setting off swoons since the early 2000s, but only last weekend did she compete in the US for the first time. Titles under her belt around her legendary abdominals include the NABBA Worlds in 2012 and the WABBA International Hercules Olympia in 2015, as well as those voted for by FMS Readers, who made her the Queen of Abs Queens in 2013, and, more recently, the Hottest Hard Woman in the World.

She is perfect, says one of the (literally) thousands who have bothered to type their tributes to her on the forums over the years. Muscles... muscles everywhere.

And, despite having been a competitive bodybuilder for over a decade now, she probably hasn't yet reached her peak. Over the last year or so, under the guidance of compatriot Alina Popa (see A-Z of HUGE: A), Elena is, it seems, getting bigger and better with every passing week. How much more of this Goddess can we take?

ELENA (Seiple-Perticari)

The other Elena in our selection today was a Lightweight, a Middleweight, and a Light-heavyweight in that order, and stopped competing as a Bodybuilder almost a decade ago. She remains a fan favourite though, especially among heads of a certain age, and even if she was never the huge Heavyweight, she makes our encyclopedia for those big big biceps alone. With the exception of a 4th place at the NPC Nationals in 2004, Elena managed to finish in the top 3 of her class at every national-level show she did between 2000 and 2008, only finally winning her class at her last Nationals, but never getting her pro card. And you know she is still an absolute stunner in her mid-40s.


Between Amelia and Vilma and now Virginia, the biggest thing to come from Spain was Estefania Saura Moya, and I did not know this until I started compiling the post, but she is back in 2017 - runner-up to the perennial winner Monia Gioiosa recently at the NAC Worlds - looking, as most of women seem to do at NAC shows, big and freaky. Want to see a pic of Estefania making a man very happy? Click here.

You didn't think it was going to be something else, did you?!

OK, so that's it for E. Not exactly a bumper crop, but not all letters are going to be equal, are they? C has proved the most popular of the posts so far so you might like to check that one out, and in case you were wondering, that's where you'll find Christine Envall - should have saved her for E, shouldn't I? But you can check them all out at once by clicking on the "A-Z of Huge" label right there at the very bottom of the post.

Once again, please do get in touch if you think I have forgotten a muscle (one that can be visibly flexed, anyway) or a big girl whose first or family name begin with E.

Next up, and hopefully not in 2019, it'll be F.

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  1. How about Brie Eubanks?
    Elsie Velasquez?
    Emery Miller?
    Emmanuela Pintus?
    Erica Blockman?
    Erica Cordie?
    Erika Guerra?
    Eva Andressa?
    Eva Pogacnik?
    Just kidding, it's so damn hard to choose and so many women to choose from!