Saturday, 29 July 2017

Theresa @Norfolk Pro 2017

Dreams do come true!!! Pro stage here I come!

With a "new look", and her body in its best ever shape, Theresa was, I think it's fair to say, somewhat excited about her pro debut at the recent Wings of Strength/Lenda Murray Pro in Norfolk, Virginia. And the FMS offices were pretty damn excited too. We have, after all, been following your 2017 Hot and Hard 100 runner-up as closely as any woman over the last three years or so, as has the vast majority of the female muscle lovin' world. And as we followed her trials and tribulations (so close so many times) as she inched towards that coveted pro card, we (or, at least, I) became more than a little emotionally invested in Theresa's career, sharing her disappointment and ultimately her joy at finally achieving pro status at her seventh attempt.

Her dream didn't exactly become my dream, but my dream was for her to achieve her dream. And in Norfolk, her dream (and mine) came true. Theresa - pro debut.

Second place.

Plus ça change!

On this occasion though, second was not all bad. With only Tampa to come before the Rising Phoenix line-up is finalised, Theresa's qualification points from this show guarantee her a spot in Arizona in September. And she's even more excited about that than she was about her debut. Someone please pinch me and tell me this is real! she gushed when it became clear she would make one of the qualifying spots. I'm going to Rising Pheniox! [and so excited was she, that's exactly how she typed it] This is seriously happening!!! [can you see what's she's doing with the number of exclamation marks?] I am beyond honored to be on the biggest stage of the year with all the top female bodybuilders in the world!!!! [more and more excited] Beyond Blessed!!!!!

All this competitive excitement, plus a sultry, glamorous and at times almost naked Theresa has been treating us to some previews of her forthcoming 2018 calendar.

She'll be bigger and better in Arizona, just as she has been bigger and better at every show she's done since the 2011 Jr. Nationals alerted us to her many charms.

Congratulations Theresa!

Now, about my other dream...

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  1. Turns out not shaving a third of your hair off is actually pleasing to the eye. Who knew?