Monday, 24 July 2017

Tube Watch

Today, FMS once again rounds up our favourite YouTube clips as the (pleasingly popular and) irregular muscle in motion fest we call Tube Watch, returns.


Once upon a time, when your female muscle fix came on a printed page, Cory Everson ruled the female muscle world. If there was a month that went by without her being the covergirl of one of the muscle magazines you so avidly collected, it was a rare month indeed. But, unless you (or more likely your Dad) were the proud owner of one of those new-fangled machines they called video recorders and you had the resources to send away to the US for one of those things they called video tapes, well, you just had to imagine how Cory moved. Thankfully, those days are long gone. And thanks to the latest (and first non-Denise Rutkowski) addition to Kiko Newman's channel, you can now enjoy some of Cory's most memorable moves in just over three minutes with the added bonus of some of her legendary contemporaries trying to outsexy her in a variety of (I'm assuming Olympia) posedowns. Gold.

For Your Consideration

Also in the "montage" file this month, new additions to Female Fitness Reset, a channel which, you may remember, we featured on the blog just a few weeks ago. Then, our only (slight) criticism of the channel was the absence of much Bodybuilder with a capital B edits. Now, I am not going to flatter myself into believing that the preponderance of bigger girls in Mr. Reset's most recent uploads has anything to do with FMS' observations, but I am very pleased to report that since then he's added (among others) Cass Martin, Natalia Kovalyova, and both of your 2017 Hot and Hard 100 top 2 - Theresa Ivancik, and Elena Oana Hreapca - to his collection.


From a serial Olympia winner, we go next to a woman who will be making her Olympia debut this year - Italy's Doina Gurun. This is Doina's first year as a Physique competitor (previously she competed in Figure) and her move up has paid off handsomely. She won her first Physique title at her third attempt - the recent San Jose Pro - and if this routine is anything to go by, it's a) a damn shame she didn't find her way to Physique earlier, and b) going to be hot on that Olympia stage. This is Doina in muscle sexy action during her second Physique outing at the Arctic Pro, and her Instagram moniker (The Tiger) only really makes sense when you've seen her prowl around the stage. Reminiscent of those routines of times past that had the IFBB firing off "sex it down" directives to the 80s/90s ladies, and all the better for it.

For Your Consideration

Doina was filmed and uploaded by Louie Maldonado, whose better half, Sharlin Maldonado, also competed in Anchorage with Doina. Her routine, and those of all the other WPD ladies who competed there and at the Mile High Pro are on his channel, and very well-filmed treats they are. Swell especially digs Anne Freitas (not quite so freaky these days, but still pretty damn freaky) from the Arctic Pro - as well as Jessica Martin, who we featured on Sunday - and Keri Ann Heitzman's slow and sexy style from the Mile High Pro. If backstage/pump room is more your bag though, head over to NPC News Online's YouTube channel and fill your boots, with the Fitness/Physique backstage video from the 2017 NPC Universe being FMS' pick of the bunch.


Our YouTube Swoon of the Month though has to go to Dani Reardon training (and flexing, there's lots of flexing) arms in Orlando. She's not so "lil" and definitely more "monsta" these days, and while many of her clips are far too long to hold your attention, and have too much of her yakking and not enough of her cracking out reps and poses, "Armageddon" comes in at a snug 2.34 and is almost all about those muscles. 2.11 is a moment (and a pose) you won't forget in a hurry, I promise.

Get comfy now.


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  1. Only saw her in magazines and liked her physique a lot but didn't like her in video as she moved around so quick you couldn't take it all in. Much prefer the slower poser or when she was in pose downs.