Friday, 7 July 2017

Female Fitness Reset

So yesterday I gave you the dubious pleasure of one of my own clumsy, unprofessional edits. All the good stuff in it belonged to Kristy Enos, and I hope my lack of skills didn't mar your viewing pleasure too much. By way of an apology, I thought today we could see what a really good editor can make of the best of a muscle goddess in motion.

"Fitness Female Reset" is a YouTube channel and (a much less muscular) Instagram featuring women of varying degrees of muscularity and fame, though not, at the time of writing anyway, many capital B Bodybuilders, though the video edits include many many women from the Physique division. The first edit, featuring Sophie Arvebrink training her biceps, was posted mid-January, but it was mid-June before FMS got wind of this treasure trove, when a Dani Reardon edit popped up on my suggestions.

Explore at your leisure (you'll need some time on your hands, there are nearly 200 clips as of this week, all weighing in at three minutes plus), but as a taster, here's some of the beefiest best of our 2017 Hot and Hard 100 top Physique competitor, and 2016 Hottest Hard Woman in the World Cris Goy Arellano cut together by a master, who, incidentally, like Valya Arn, another top editor working now, is Russian (I'm assuming they are both dudes). Iffy soundtrack, for me, but visually stunning.


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