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Woman of the Week: Kristy Enos

Once upon a time she was "Jenna", ripping off her shirt and fishnets in mock rage for our collective pleasure in a memorable SheMuscle video. That was my introduction to her anyway - sexy, pert, and convincing in her rage. By 2011, she had enhanced her impressively muscular chest and, among other poses, was flexing her enhanced pecs glammed up and in public in a couple of HerBiceps clips that went into the "Special" folder on ol' Swell's laptop before last. No alias this time, "Jenna", it turned out, was in fact Kristy Enos, a Lightweight Bodybuilder/Physique competitor from California.

Last weekend, while the eyes of most of the female muscle lovin' world were trained on what was going down in Chicago, Kristy made her pro debut in the Physique division in San Jose, four long years after she had won her pro card at the 2013 NPC USAs.

Kristy finished 7th in a line-up of just 9 women, with the judges' feedback, for once, suggesting that she needed to "get bigger" to improve her placing in future.

All the girls had at least 10lbs more muscle than I did, she reckoned.

However, today's post is not so much about Kristy's first pro contest and first contest for four years as her first contest prep for four years, documented via her Instagram for myself and her five and a half thousand other followers in glorious detail.
June 4th (left), and 10th

It's been a treat. Kristy is not only stunningly beautiful, but also has a real flair for showing herself off. Maybe she's done so with such gusto this time because it's been so long since she's done a prep, so long since she experienced, despite all the downsides, the thrill of seeing her muscles gradually emerge. Maybe she's just a born exhibitionist. Whatever the reason, it's been a treat. From June 4th (above, left) to just before she took to the stage, today FMS posts our favourites from Kristy over the last month.
June 11th
Kristy: Nice and full. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

I've always worked out, Kristy told RxMuscle in 2013, but in 2009 I got into a really bad car accident. Doctors didn't know if I would be able to walk again or be the same. I refused to believe that, and that is when I realized my body was so fragile that I needed to take diet/training more serious to build my body strong enough to withstand a car accident or heaven forbid something worse. As I saw my body change over the next few months/years I realized I could build the body I always wanted, the body that God didn't give me but gave me the ability to create.
June 15th

God. I believe in the Lord, she says on her Facebook profile. Always slightly jarring for a European like me, this faith up front style of Christianity. Women like Kristy are not what this Brit expects to find going to church on Sundays or whatever, though the historic trend of declining church attendance would certainly reverse if it were so.
June 18th
Kristy: Getting there.

This white bikini will be a familiar sight to any Kristy follower. My diary from June 18th (my advice to any budding female muscle blogger - keep a female muscle diary/ notebook, because, like any writer, you need to get those thoughts down when you have them, they are elusive and you will not remember them in all their eloquence unless you do) reveals that I was really rather impressed with this image, "so feminine (fun bags, nails) and not (pecs, lifter's fingers) at the same time". Quality time was had.
June 19th
Kristy: Flat and depleted. Hamstring veins came out a little.

With roughly two weeks to go until the show, Kristy's body is getting freaky as that thick vein on her abs and those "little"(!) hamstring veins testify. This won't be news to any regular readers, but I love love LOVE this aspect of female muscle lovin'. It's so thrilling, and, it occurs to me (diary again) the part that would be, if you bothered, probably the most difficult to explain to a non-head. So, they might say quizzically, the less she looks like a woman, the more you like it? Well, you might reply, it's not that she's looking less womanly exactly, she'll always be womanly to me, but she's becoming more and more unlike other women. Where your typical woman is no muscle and plenty of body fat, Kristy is just muscle and skin. No fat. Non-head frowns...
June 21st (left), and 23rd
Kristy: Still flat as f***. Nine days out.

Back in the day I would look at images of muscle women and wonder if I was alone in the intense reactions I would get. I wonder no more. I know I'm not the only one finding Kristy in her tight tight dress at the tanning salon (or maybe she has one at home) "overwhelming". She has the forum bods attention now. From the respectful (if slightly dull) "nice top and presentation", to the somewhat more forthright "extremely orgasmic", comments for Kristy's nine days out body are starting to, er, flow.
June 23rd

The white bikini again. And this angle has got the chaps all riffing on the same theme - "edible", "delicious", "yummy". Certainly made my mouth water at first sight, and she's making my mouth water again now. Kristy, being drop dead gorgeous with a drop dead gorgeous body and all, gets a lot of such love, but she's also very candid about the sort of ridiculousness that she has to put up with. The cock pics she receives, for example.

And I love how she deals with them. Your dick don't look like it's 32, more like a child's, she tells one poor soul (and her social media followers). Ouch! Learn some manners, and while you're at it shave around that little dick of yours. Disgusting.
6 days out

Once again, not the kind of thing I expect from a good Christian girl, but there you go, I've long since dispelled myself of the notion that muscle women can be, in any way, classified as typical. And here we are again, looking less and less like a "typical" woman and more and more exciting for that. The only fat here are the fat veins all down her arm, the only curves those of her bulging deltoid. Striations across her pecs have real detail now. Less than a week to go before the show, and nothing typical to see here.
3 days out

And here she is, 3 days out and gloriously freaky, and then, after a period of radio silence in the final 72 hours before the day of the contest, glammed and ready to go.
0 days out
Kristy: It's showtime!

It's been a treat. Kristy may have had some less than easy days during her prep but I've enjoyed every single one - every single one where she's posted a progress pic or six, anyway. But there's one final treat. An FMS (ie. clumsy, unprofessional) edit of some of the clips Kristy has posted during her prep. And if you think the images have been rather exciting, then my advice is to get some fluids on board before you watch.

So, in chronological order, beginning with Kristy wincing (a little) over a tear of her lat that looks pretty damn painful, FMS presents, Kristy by Kristy in Motion...

Hope Kristy doesn't wait till 2021 for her next show!

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