Monday, 6 March 2017

Celebrity Muscle UK: Gemma Atkinson

Yes, I need some posts I can do quickly as I begin the task of compiling your 2017 Hot and Hard 100, and yes, these are not going to be the most muscular women you'll ever see on the blog but - serious point - famous women, very much in the mainstream, proudly displaying the fruits of their sweaty workouts is A VERY GOOD THING.

And we begin with a woman who has featured (briefly) on the blog before and the only celebrity muscle woman who actually got a Hot and Hard 100 vote - sorry mate, she didn't make the list - actress and heavy lifting advocate Gemma Atkinson.

Gemma sez: Ladies! Don't forget to work your back! It's an area often neglected. I train mine twice a week, my favourite exercise being seated row. Great for posture, plus it's always nice to see your results in those vest tops and backless dresses...

Most recently seen (great posture and all) in action in January in Cape Verde (celeb life, eh?) where the weights on the beach are, it seems, not small. At least not the ones Gemma chooses to work with. Lots more of this Mancunian Gem on her Instagram.


For Aiden - again, commiserations my friend. You tried.

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