Saturday, 4 March 2017

Tube Watch

FMS picks a few of our favourite new YouTube clips in February for your viewing pleasure in the latest chapter of our regular muscle in motion fest: Tube Watch.


Czech pro Margita Zámolová looks like she is ready for this weekend's Physique International at the Arnold Classic. Brace yourself for some seriously pumped up and vascular muscularity as she works out in two different outfits, both giving us plenty of opportunity to ogle her ripped upper body in particular. Horký materiál!*

Margita, a former Arnold Amateur Europe Physique champion, is definitely on the bigger, thicker end of the WPD lady scale. Check out a few images of her at last year's Arizona Pro here if that's your kind of end of the scale, and/or Margita's Facebook.

For Your Consideration

Unsurprisingly, there's been all sorts of "Countdown to the Arnolds" type stuff posted in the last month. FMS recommends continuing to follow Autumn Swansen's journey via Midwest Muscle Report (episode 3 features posing, serious weight, and an interview with Autumn and a very very large man). Gorgeous Figure contender Cydney Gillon filmed by NPC News Online training back 5 weeks out is not to be missed, and Physique pro Tamara Qureshi gives a sweaty interview to a local newspaper, the Calgary Herald. An unusual source, and not your average FBB clip.


The amazing Zoltan Veigh has been bringing us photos and clips of some of the hottest fitness women from his native Hungary and elsewhere for years. And for my money the quality has never tricep dipped below 5-star. In the last week or so seven new previews have gone up on his channel, any of which I could have easily picked for the post.

In the end, I've gone for...

Mainly because I've had a soft spot for Melinda for quite some time, and indeed any woman who can do what she does right at the start of the video! Check out all his other clips from this month and beyond - with a special recommendation for his latest crowdfunding campaign - three plus minutes of sizzling mitteleuropäische muscle.


Also known as Denise Masino.

We've always been at least as fanly about Denise with her clothes on as Denise with her bits out, so we're delighted she's putting out this and other similar clips on her YouTube channel these days. Naturally Denise being Denise, those workout tops don't leave too much to the imagination. Age shall not wither her. Nor her nips.

For Your Consideration

More workout action, this time from Britain's IBFA champ Christal Cornick, all smiles and beefy lats as she trains off season. And recent HD Physiques previews, starring Brooke Walker and her legs, and Autumn Cleveland and her invitation to join up, have got me wondering whether I should get the wallet out and see more.

Tube Watch will return in March.


* Unlikely to be Czech for "Hot stuff".


  1. great to see some czech women here (although Margita is originally from Slovakia I think she lives in Czech Republic now). hopefully more will come, we have great beauties here you could like.

    1. Thanks for info on Margita. Would love to feature some of the less well-known Czech (and/or Slovak) beauties. Would you like to email me some names, and maybe links if you can? I'd be very grateful.