Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Celebrity Muscle UK: Megan Prescott

I have been doing ab exercises since I was 12 in a desperate attempt to lose the elusive (and wrongly named) 'belly fat' that so many stupid teas and websites tell you can be got rid of by drinking their shit/doing a certain exercise. It can't. And I wish someone had told 12-year-old me that! If you want them to seriously show then body fat has to be reduced. The only reason mine are showing so bloody much right now is because of the crazy amount of body fat I had to lose to compete (and I will soon gladly be gaining back!) and the way to do that is WEIGHT TRAINING YOUR WHOLE BODY. I guarantee if you start eating right and weight training rather than abusing the running machine (and yourself) by not eating and only doing abs, then they will begin to show. PLEASE STOP KILLING YOURSELF ON THE TREADMILLS FOR ABS!

Now I can't say Megan Prescott was a name I'd come across before today, but I have to admit that so far, I'm enjoying getting to know the 25-year-old "actress, writer and cool person". Her Instagram is a riot (in a good way), and among many other things charts her journey as a UKBFF Bikini competitor through last year, and tells us that we should watch out for her forthcoming documentary Dumbbells & Donuts.

That journey took her through regional qualifying all the way to 4th place at the UKBFF British championships and a box of those donuts about as big as she is. Megan had to stop training for a while to recover from a neck injury, but the good news is she's back in the gym now, and remains rightly proud of what she achieved last year.

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