Thursday, 2 March 2017

Woman of the Week: Elise Fargie

When ol' Swell spotted these gorgeously thick and defined abdominal ridges on one of the forums and got so excited he just had to find out who they belonged to, and the entire FMS research team were locked in the office until they came up with a name.

Minutes later Swell was introduced to Elise Fargie, national Figure champion of Australia in 2016. Huh. Once again - this is Figure muscularity. Happy days!

There are more than a few reasons to be extra impressed by Elise and the body she has built for herself, not least of which is the fact that three children had come out of her when she started training seriously at the age of 31. She's now 35, committed to living an active, healthy life, and being the best kind of role model for my children.

In those four years she's competed at seven shows, apparently, working her way up to the top of the Australian Figure tree. And as she's still an amateur (although that pro card she's chasing hardly guarantees riches), Elise has to juggle her roles as mother and Figure goddess with her career at Aussie supermarket giant Coles, where she recently got herself a promotion. Achieving all over. Somedays I love my job!!! she says.

Spare a thought for Elise's ex-husband. She didn't look like this when he was with her, and it was apparently the divorce that prompted her lifestyle change. Elise and Skye Nestler, the Masters Figure champion from the 2016 Australians, are Sydney-based divorcees on a mission. Both of us are very passionate about empowering women to be their best, even after broken marriages, says Ms Nestler. It's really character building and empowering for fit women to know that they can accomplish a goal.

Elise's "ultimate goal" is that IFBB pro card and international competition. That body looks ready to me, so I wouldn't bet against her. Doubt her poor ex would either.

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