Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Celebrity Muscle UK: Davina McCall

Former party girl (apparently, I'm really not up on these things) and long-time presenter on some of the UK's biggest prime time TV shows (Big Brother etc.), Davina has established her own fitness clothing line, and released her latest (no I don't know how many have come before, many) fitness DVD just in time for Christmas 2016.

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Yes, she is more fat burn than muscle build, but those abs look pretty good for a four-time mother who'll be fifty this year. I'm posting all these pics of myself scantily dressed because I want to show you that working out works, she tells her Instagram and (2.8m) Twitter followers. It changed my life and it will change yours.


And just because Davina doesn't pack masses of muscle herself, it doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate women who do. Back end of last year I had the good fortune to notice that one of the guests on Davina's This Time Next Year had promised she would come back "a competitive bodybuilder". Jody Poulter was as good as her word.


Cue all sorts of appreciation from Davina, who whipped the crowd into a veritable frenzy over Jody's bod, and could barely keep her hands off her muscles, or stop getting her to flex them. Or at least that's how I remember that bit of the show going...

"The Poultinator" on Instagram.

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