Sunday, 12 March 2017

Celebrity Muscle UK: Chloe Madeley

I've changed my body from being a soft and curvy size 10 to a lean and muscle-ridden size 8 numerous times now, says TV presenter/model and "fitness expert" Chloe Madeley (and yes, UK readers, she is indeed the daughter of Richard & Judy). I do this for personal enjoyment, for work reasons and also because sometimes I'm curious to actually see what's been happening under my skin after years of training.

I think I'm rather glad about that curiosity of hers, and the fact that she's hardly the shy retiring type does make her Instagram a damn entertaining read at times. She can do self-deprecating - In case you can't tell from my mush, I'm a morning train kinda gal, she says of the above up with the larks bathroom selfie, for example, get up, get your gym gear on, brush ya pegs and GET THE FUCK OUT THE DOOR.

But it's when she takes on her haters, or takes a pop at fitness regimes that promise to create thigh gaps, that she really gets going. And gets herself in the media. Chloe Madeley SLAMS Fitness Industry, and You Think I Look Like A Man? are both headlines she's generated via IG diatribes in the last few months.

Coincidentally, she's just launched a new "12-week Body Transformation Guide". Available to download. For the one you love perhaps? Check out Chloe's "Fitness Fondue" website for more. It's as smart, sexy, and easy on the eye as Chloe herself.

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