Friday, 11 March 2016

A Week of Favourites: Erica

Even the muscle haters have to drool...
Forum post, Oct. 2015

Personally, I'd rather the haters just left well alone - whether they're drooling or not. I can't get enough of Erica Blockman, and haven't been able to for some time. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not in the mood for sharing her with the unenlightened.

2015 proved to be a real breakthrough year for this stunningly beautiful woman, following up two top three finishes with 8th place in her first Olympia.

I personally don't believe women should be praised or showcased in the line of fitness for being skinny, starving or being great lingerie models, that's a different field. I believe sports models should represent what athletes really look like and embody the intensity of their training that everyone works so hard for. It is important that our society and even more imperative that our younger generation of men and women know the look of strength and athleticism, not just the look of "Look I am holding a dumb bell and I am sexy". This is just my opinion.
Erica Blockman

There's so much more to this woman though than the droolworthy looks and the stunningly honed physique - another reason not to share, they just won't appreciate her like we do. She's a brave firefighter, a qualified paramedic, a certified personal trainer and posing coach, and, as the above quote illustrates, not short of an opinion about her sport and its portrayal in both the mainstream and the muscle media.

Voting for the FMS Hot and Hard 100 2016 will open soon.

Take a wild guess who one of my top ten might be...

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