Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Who Is Lea Pearl?


Appearing as yourself in a training video, a documentary, or even a TV talent show may not be quite the same thing as undertaking an acting role, but it's not as though there's a British female bodybuilder who is also a RADA graduate knocking around, so today's muscle quartet at least have their media experience in their favour...

Carmen Knights

As seen on Jodie Marsh in the USA or whatever it was called, offering our most media-hungry former bodybuilder training advice and support both at home and on the road, Carmen has all but vanished from competition and - as the Active Channel has stopped broadcasting - our TV screens. Perhaps she's been off taking acting classes?!

Louise Rogers

Like Carmen, Britain's top Figure pro was an Active Channel regular before they pulled the plug. She was classy, articulate and always extremely watchable. She doesn't compete in the "Bodybuilding" division, but Louise's muscles are plenty big enough to make her appear like a She-Hulk next to the rest of the female cast (and the male cast too, I imagine). And what's more Louise is - like the character - a pro.

Kate Austin

The Welsh She-Ra spent a lot of time over the winter being filmed for one or another BBC documentary, and also raised her media profile as an anti-bullying campaigner, so if anyone's got the industry contacts right now, it's Kate. But does she have time to squeeze in a film role given all her business activities and the media commitments she already has? And would international audiences get her beautiful Valleys accent?!

Rosie Harte

A proven performer both on stage and in the recording studio, could Britain's newest IFBB Physique pro add the silver screen to her achievements? It would certainly give the writer-director the chance to add a scene where Rosie/Lea sings her young son to sleep in a touching mid-second-act moment of calm before the competition storm...

More P.E.A.R.L. auditions tomorrow.

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