Sunday, 6 March 2016

Who Is Lea Pearl?


While you could make a case for all of the women we've featured this week (and many that we haven't) to be cast as Lea Pearl, Britain's two most high profile professional female bodybuilders of recent times are surely the front runners for the role.

Lisa Cross, or Rene Campbell? Which real-life professional female bodybuilding star would you have play the fictional professional female bodybuilding star?

Lisa Cross

Lisa, even more so than most female bodybuilders, is a woman who gets thing done. Her career has soared since she returned from an enforced competitive break, and at the same time she has written a book, built her own gym, and taken the art of the erotic female muscle video to places and levels of interaction that it has never been before. Can she act? She certainly performs the part of the super sexual muscle goddess well enough - although I imagine that isn't quite what the producers are looking for!
But on the other hand, doesn't this very ability to adopt that role in her own work suggest Lisa would be more able than most to take on the persona of Lea Pearl?

Rene Campbell

You wouldn't say that - Jodie Marsh aside (and she isn't bodybuilding any longer) - any female bodybuilder is "well-known" in Britain, but Rene has managed to gain a slither of the mainstream's consciousness through her myriad appearances in the British press. Her "bigorexia", her inability to find a man, and, conversely, the numerous offers of marriage she receives. She's been on prime time TV, she's starred in a music video and a fizzy drink advert, and most recently the story of her most recent contest and the health problems she subsequently faced were documented in a short film for The Guardian online. She is passionate and unapologetic about what she does and candid about the sacrifices her lifestyle demands. And she comes across as classy, eloquent, and witty - not, perhaps, the image of a female bodybuilder that the mainstream would expect. And at the same time she boasts a more varied and artistic portfolio of work than just about any current female bodybuilder I can think of.

She's not competing this year either (as far as I know), giving her plenty of time to develop her acting skills and hone her amazing physique into a convincingly conditioned shape for the role without threatening her health again by actually having to undergo the rigours of a contest. I think Rene is perfect for the role.

We'll see if P.E.A.R.L.'s producers agree.

The news will be on FMS when we have it.

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