Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Week of Favourites: Never on FMS

Another day of favourites inspired by BIG Female Bodybuilders' recent "all time favourites post. Today, it's my top ten women who've been residing in the pending folder. Some are recent additions there, others long overdue their FMS bow...


imagebam.com imagebam.com

Swiss, only 20 years old and already a (junior) class winner in Bodyfitness at last year's Arnold Classic Europe. She looks like a real life Supergirl, writes one impressed forum poster. Europe's answer to Shanique Grant? Although whiter, obviously.

She's getting video tributes already - see here.



"Not your averge meat head" according to her Instagram profile, which also identifies her as a Physique competitor, though I've found no contest pics. A sexy BRICKhouse of a woman, say the fans, who - like me - are desperate for more hard facts about her.



Back to Bodyfitness/Figure we go with Germany's Svenja Siewert, her "Guuuten Mooorgen" bicep and her super sexy, super veiny midriff. One of her other selfies is in the running for a Best Selfie (Muscular Women) title on the forum whose first rule is etc. but I think this particular selfie is even better. Decide for yourself here.



Another 20-year-old wonder, and another in what seems to be an ever-growing and never-ending list of wonders from Down Under. Size clearly matters to young Molly, who, like Tea Save above, is already gaining a fan following devoted enough to cut a whole bunch of her Instagram pics together in tribute. Not managed to track down her IG myself, but I have found her on Facebook, and she ain't getting any smaller.



Due a post since the start of the year (when she just didn't make the final cut for From Russia Enhanced), it was harder to choose just one image of the beautiful Julia than for any of our other debutants. She's really special, agrees one fan, just look at those logs! [sic] One-handed typing strikes again. Check out Julia - and logs - in action here.



What do you think - that back has got to belong to a Physique competitor, right? Wrong! Sandra won her class and the overall title at the 2015 IFBB North Americans with that back, in Figure. And the rest of her is just about as impressive as that back (contest photos here). Like Mexico's answer to Shanique Grant, you might say!



A champion natural bodybuilder from London with a fast-growing fanbase, Danni has a penchant for outfits that are barely there and a contest look that can bring the one-handed typist out in us all. Follow Danni on Instagram and drop by her website.


imagebam.com imagebam.com

And while we're on the subject, here's another woman wearing her muscles, her posing suit and nothing else but that smile that says she's in the best shape of her life and she's feeling it. Tomefafa Ameko switched from Bodybuilding to Physique last year with (I think you will agree, I can't help feeling she would) spectacular results. Last seen making her pro debut at the Europa Games - and finishing an utterly perplexing 11th.

Contest gallery here.



There's been some confusion over the identity of Jessica Booker Williams on the forums, with more than one head thinking she and the plain Jessica Williams (somewhat bulkier and also - sorry but if you click on the name I think you will agree - a lot less aesthetically pleasing). Should be submitted to the OED as the new definition of the word "gorgeous", claimed one fan once the confusion had been cleared up.



And finally, the 2015 Danish Physique champ and (this weekend just gone) Arnold Amateur competitor, Modesta Halby. She has - as you will no doubt realise from the racy bathroom pic and Fit Vids preview below - very little to be modesta about.


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